Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue

Change is healthy, important, and vital for growth. During the past couple months, in the light of covid, I have decided I really want to do more with Zephyr Eco Market, taking it in new directions, so it is going to be going through some changes over the coming months. I want this to be more than just a brand with sustainable products, but something which educates about system change and a sustainable lifestyle as a whole, whilst doing more to help different communities and species each month too.

As such, one of the changes will be supporting a different charity each month, with 10% of profit of sales plus a fundraiser of some sort (which will currently be being held online).

To kick this off, the September charity that Zephyr Eco Market will be supporting is Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue. This charity is very close to my heart, after having rescued 3 dogs from them, hence why I thought it would be a great one to start with.

This charity aims to rehome dogs from Deathrow (killing stations) in Hungary to find them loving, forever homes. Since 2012, they have saved and rehomed nearly 1,500 fur babies!

In Hungary, there are about 12,000 dogs living in non-governmental organisation shelters and over 20,000 more dogs living in municipality pounds. Although taking a dog to a shelter is often done to help / with good intentions, so many shelters are overcrowded meaning these dogs are then living in awful conditions with poor diets and sanitation. What's worse, is that the majority of these are then killed: of the approximately 50,000 animals that enter shelters and pounds each year, tragically, 35,000 of those animals are killed, many in atrocious and ‘cost saving’ ways (such as injecting petrol into their hearts). Hungary Hearts aim to put a stop to this, not only by saving as many beings as they can, but also ending the cycle of unplanned births (and resulting deaths) by neutering all the animals we rescue.

Here is a great short produced by BBC which provides some more information about the Hungarian killing stations:

They rescue these dogs, rehabilitate them, get them all the veterinary care they need, find them loving homes, then transport them to the UK. They need help to do this though, and as a registered charity (reference number: 1169136), rely solely on support to be able to do so. As such, Zephyr Eco Market is extremely excited to be able to help them this month.

If you would like to donate directly to the charity, please click here!



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