"Zephyr" is a mild, pleasant breeze, that causes minimal disturbance. This is the way in which we believe one should live their life; not as a hurricane, disturbing all in its path, but like zephyr, causing as little impact to other species and our planet as possible. This range of vegan, eco-friendly products will enable daily swaps to be made to minimise impact to our planet, people, and other species.

 My name is Roxy, also known as @roxythezoologist, I am a  24 year old animal-lover who  set up and run this business  based on my desire to save  the planet and all the animals  that live on it. At 8 years old I  was taken on a family holiday  to Bird Island, Seychelles.  One day, the Conservationist  working on the island, Robbie, told the guests to wait at the beach whilst he went to collect some turtle hatchlings from the nest to be released into the sea. I took off my shoes, ran after him, and he picked me up, put me on his shoulders, and let me go with him to help. Upon my return, I said to my parents "I want to be a Conservationist".

I have obtained a First Class honours degree in BSc Zoology (INT) from the University of Leeds. This included researching social learning in African painted dogs, as well as working with numerous other animals around the world. After graduating I went on to work as a presenter and photographer, with my work being featured by BBC, BBC Earth, the Metro, and the Guardian. In September 2019, I returned to University to obtain an MA in Wildlife Filmmaking from the University of the West of England, a course run in conjunction with the BBC NHU, with the hope of obtaining the skills to take conservation stories to a wider audience through film. I intend to do all I can to save our precious biodiversity on this planet. Thank you for choosing to follow this journey as well - the more of us on the path, the more hope there is for a kinder, greener future!

 Roxy x