Reusable Period / Sanitary Pad

Reusable Period / Sanitary Pad

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These reusable / washable period pads are made by Sanitree, a social enterprise based in Edinburgh and Jaipur that works to tackle period poverty and the stigma surrounding menstruation. Sanitree train women from vulnerable backgrounds to sew and sell reusable menstrual pads at a community centre in Jaipur.

The pad itself is made from:
- 1 layer organic cotton
- 5 layers of ultra-absorbent brushed organic cotton
- 1 layer of waterproof & biodegradable polyurethane laminate

To clean, simply rinse it, wash it, and dry it.

Each pad comes in a pouch made from offcuts from the textile industry.

All profits made from these pads go towards serving the needs of these women, not just through providing a form of employment in a safe environment, but also through menstrual education for the community as well as collaborative workshops at the centre.

Available in two sizes; medium and large.